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It has always proved difficult to breed in captivity, although recently a few zoos have managed to succeed at this, including the use of in-vitro fertilization. We are upping our video skills anyway!! October 20, at Ina skin purchased by Lord Rothschild was found to be intermediate in pattern between the king cheetah and spotted cheetah and Abel Chapman considered it to be a color form of the spotted cheetah. Female cheetahs reach maturity within 20 to 24 months, and males around 12 months, although they do not usually mate until at least three years old.

There have also been several unconfirmed reports of Asiatic cheetahs in the Balochistan province of Pakistanwith at least one dead animal being recovered recently WWFPak

Answering the Call of Nature

A recent study of cheetahs in the Serengeti showed that female cheetahs often have cubs by many different males ITN Black "tear marks" run from the corner of its eyes down the sides of the nose to its mouth to keep sunlight out of its eyes and to aid in hunting and seeing long distances. If it is a hard chase, it sometimes needs to rest for half an hour or more. Other such princes and kings kept them as pets, including Genghis Khan and Charlemagnewho boasted of having kept cheetahs within their palace grounds. The US government has reopened…. The king cheetah is a rare mutation of cheetah characterized by a distinct pelt pattern. It appeared larger than a spotted cheetah and its fur had a different texture.

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