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I will agree with you that when one learns a language or is teaching a language, one needs to take a very prescriptivist point of view. Log in or Sign up. The new university will cause a boom in the population of Fort Myers. We can't scour every thread for infractions. The problem of native English speakers not having a firm understanding of standard English grammar does occur, as is reported already in the Guardian in and the British Council even advices native English speakers to prepare for English tests! It called "English The Easy Way" - this is for general tips and such -- great for developing writing skills and the book "Writing The Eay Way" is great for developing essay writing skill.

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I never mentioned anything about orthography.

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My English sucks.

I enjoy the differences - sometimes I think the US style is correct sometimes the British style; it all comes down to clarity of meaning which is, for me, the only purpose of grammar. We're all here in our own time, so please help us enjoy that time by keeping discussion civil. Please check it out. If u r hanging over a pit of lava and ur life depends on my score on an essay, you better have life insurance! Arabic is a horrible example to use, for it is a macrolanguage. I hope this DID help you — and if you found this method useful — share it with your friends using the social bookmarking tool below!

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i suck at english
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i suck at english
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